Tera-machi Area

Nagasaki, Kyushu

The vermilion-lacquered San-mon Gate stands out among the historical Chinese temples.

Many old temples are found on Tera-machi-dori Street that lies east of and runs parallel to Naka-dori Street in the city of Nagasaki. One of the three big Chinese-style temples of Nagasaki is Kofuku-ji Temple, erected in the 17th century, it is the oldest Chinese-style temple in Japan. Its majestic and exotic vermilion-lacquered San-mon Gate stands out even among the large temples found on Tera-machi-dori Street.

Another representative temple in the Chinese style is Sofuku-ji Temple. The splendid Chinese 'urabon-e' (a kind of Buddhist event) is held every summer at this temple, and Chinese residents from all over Japan come to participate in the event.

Suwa-jinja Shrine, famous for the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival held every October, is located halfway to the top of Mt. Tamazono-san. Nagasaki Kunchi starts in the shrine precinct with the Kasahoko Dance, and is followed by various other traditional dances such as the Ryu (dragon) Dance, the Whale Spouting Dance, and the main dance. Later, performances of the same dances are offered in different locations throughout the city. Each town within Teramachi takes turns presenting their own local dance every year. These dances are also performed at locations throughout the city later on, and attract a number of visitors from both in and outside the prefecture. This gorgeous festival is regarded as one of Nagasaki's most important events.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 1h 50 min from Haneda to Nagasaki Airport, and 1h from the airport to Nagasaki Station by bus.
From Osaka:
[Air] 1h 10 min from Itami to Nagasaki Airport.
Kofuku-ji Temple:
5 min from Nagasaki-eki-mae to Kokai-do-mae by street car.
Suwa-jinja Shrine:
10 min from Nagasaki-eki-mae to Suwa-jinja-mae by street car.

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