Manazuru Area

Kanagawa, Kanto

An ideal site for fishing and diving. The peninsula is shaped like a crane with widespread wings.

The Manazuru-hanto Peninsula is situated in the southwest of Kanagawa. The peninsula protrudes into Sagami Bay, and its distinctive shape resembles a crane with open wings. This is a very popular peninsula for water sports such as fishing and diving. The primeval forest that occupies the southern part of the peninsula adds a splendid scenic view.

Cape Manazuru was formed on the edge of the Manazuru-hanto Peninsula when lava from the Hakone Volcano plunged into Sagami Bay and solidified. There are three peculiar-looking rocks projecting out of the sea by the edge of Cape Manazuru. They are called "Mitsuishi," or three rocks, and are the symbolic features of Cape Manazuru. There is the "Cape Manazuru," from which you can have superb panoramic views, including Oshima Island and Hatsu-shima Island, on a clear day. It is also a popular spot for viewing the first sunrise on New Year's Day. At the Kazumasa Nakagawa Art Museum, situated among the woods of Manazuru Nature Park, you can touch the essence of Nakagawa art. Cruising boats are also available to enjoy viewing the peninsula from the ocean.

At Kifune-jinja Shrine, thought to have been constructed in 889, enshrines the deities Okuninushi, Kotoshironushi, and Sukunahikona. The Kifune-matsuri Festival, held on 27 and 28 July, is a well-known ship festival, and has been designated one of the nation's important intangible folk cultural properties. Manazuru Harbor is known for marine products, and there are many restaurants where you can make the most of the fresh seafood.

Around the Manazuru Area