Amamioshima Island Area

Kagoshima, Kyushu

The crystal clear waters make the Amami Oshima Island Area a beautiful and famous location for diving. Vergin forests are also a main tourist attraction.

Amami Oshima Island is situated south of the main Kagoshima Prefecture area, in the middle of the Amami Island chain (eight island chain). The island is ranked the second largest remote island in Japan after Sadogashima Island in Niigata Prefecture. Designated as part of the Amami Gunto Quasi-National Park, the sea surrounding the island are clear, deep blue waters. The brightly-colored coral reefs and tropical fish make for a fantastic diving site. The northern part of the island is a popular resort area dotted with white sandy beacches and more beautiful coral shores.

In 2001 the Amami Park was opened and features the nature, history, culture, and industries of the Amami Islands as well as the artistic works of Mr.Isson Tanaka.

About 95% of the island is covered in forest, including some 700,000㎡ of mangrove and is home to a rare species of black hare, the Amamino-kurousagi hare, and the Ruri-kakesu jaybird.The rich nature captures the attention of many visitors to the island, especially for bird-watching in recent years. Oshima Tsunumgi silk fabric is a special product of the Amami Islands and is weaved at about 400 factories located within Amami City, the only city among the eight islands.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 2h 35min from Haneda Airport to Amami-Oshima Airport. 1h 50min from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport and 65 min from Kagoshima Airport to Amami-Oshima Airport.
From Osaka:
[Air] 1h 45min from Itami Airport to Amami-Oshima Airport. 1h 5 min from Kagoshima Airport to Amami-Oshima Airport.

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