Southern Boso Area

Chiba, Kanto

A temperate region surrounded by warm ocean currents. Enjoy beautiful flowers and plants, the sea, and soothing hot springs.

Minami (Southern) Boso is a collective term for the area in southern Chiba and the southern Boso-hanto Peninsula, including the cities such as Tateyama, Minami-Boso, Kamogawa and Katsu'ura, and is a part of the Minami Boso Quasi-National Park. There are many sandy beaches along Tokyo Bay to the west, while the Pacific Ocean side to the east displays rocky beaches and precipitous cliffs created by erosion by the sea. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, and thanks to the warm ocean current, the climate is moderate throughout the year. Tateyama Family Park and other nature parks, Nanbo Paradise and Shirahama Flower Park as well as a number of other botanical gardens and flower fields will fascinate plant lovers in any season. The road from Tateyama to Chikura is called the "Flower Line" and there is a ceaseless flow of visitors. Meadows blanketed with rape flowers in spring are a symbolic sight of Minami Boso.

Visitors can enjoy hot springs, the views of autumn leaves and other recreational activities, in rich woods and beautiful valleys. They can also try shellfish gathering in spring, swimming in summer and fishing throughout the year along the coast. Features such as Kamogawa Sea World or the underwater observatory with a depth of 8 meters in Katsu'ura, and many other amusement spots add to the appeal of this popular tourist destination.

Minami Boso also has a number of hot springs in Chikuma, Shirahama, and Katsu'ura areas. Visitors can enjoy spa resorts, thallasotherapy and a variety of other attractions at hot springs.


From Tokyo:
2h from Tokyo to Tateyama Station by JR Uchibo Line (limited express), and 2h 10 min to Chikura Station.
Or, 1h 30 min from Tokyo to Katsu'ura Station by JR Sotobo Line (limited express), and 2h to Awa-Kamogawa Station.

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