Yamaguchi / Xavier Memorial Church

Yamaguchi Xavier Memorial Church

This Memorial Church was built in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Xavier visiting Yamaguchi in 1952. Beautiful stained glasses portraying the life of Xavier were displayed inside the church and the lovely sounds of the bell chimed by the church every 15 minutes to tell the hour resonated all around the town. Unfortunately, the church was burnt down on September 5, 1991.
After that, fund-raising activities were conducted to rebuild the church, and six years and seven months after suffering the fire, on April 29, 1998, the long-awaited, white, brand-new memorial church was completed. The new memorial church with a futuristic design has two towers of 53 meters in height (including cross and bell) and the triangular pyramid roof covering the whole building. A lot of stained glass is installed inside the church and a pipe organ is also in place. The good old sounds of the bell new ring once every hour.

Location4-1 Kameyamacho, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Google Maps
Tour application / Contact informationTEL:+81-83-920-1549 / FAX:+81-83-924-7386 (English is available only for fax and e-mail.)
Open hours9:00am -5:00pm
Periods of closureChurch on the 2nd floor: no holidays Christian Memorial Hall on the 1st floor: closing on Wednesdays
Admission feeChurch on the 2nd floor:Free (Offertory) Christian Memorial Hall on the 1st floor: Adults 300 yen, Children of elementary school or younger: 200 yen
Mass informationSunday: 9:30am (Xavier Memorial Church)
Monday - Thursday 6:00pm; Friday 9:30am; Saturday 6:00pm (Center church)
Special noticesEnglish may not be available depending on the priest.
Those who want to visit the Christian Memorial Hall (materials house) are recommended to come earlier considering the time required.
Access15 minutes walk from JR Yamaguchi Station
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Yamaguchi / Tawarayama House for Virgin Mary of Peace

The House for Virgin Mary of Peace, where Virgin Mary's statue was installed, was constructed in 1983 as a place to pray to Virgin Mary, wishing for peace and comfort after a Christian had a mysterious experience of being comforted by the Virgin Mary at Tawarayama Onsen.
This Virgin Mary statue was consecrated by the Pope John Paul II who visited Hiroshima in February, 1981. After that, the venue was approved as a holy place by Father Yoshimatsu Noguchi, the parish chief at the time, on March 27, 1985. Since then, the "Virgin Mary of Peace Association" has been established to manage the House for Virgin Mary of Peace, praying to Virgin Mary for grace and the salvation of God, and to further spread the faith.

LocationTawarayama, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (near Tawarayama Hospital) Google Maps
Tour application / Contact information+81-82-221-6017 (Hiroshima Catholic Hall)
Mass informationNovember 3, every year
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