Oita / Nakatsu Catholic Church

Father Belair of the Paris Foreign Missions Society performed the first baptism in 1887, where he founded the Nakatsu Parish at that same time. In 1938, the Nakatsu Parish Church was built and an Italian born Father Secchi was the one who ordered all of the colorful stained glass from Italy and remodeled it in 1982. The 48 stained glass windows represent scenes related to Nakatsu, such as "The Nakatsu Martyrs" and "The Faith of Hosokawa Gracia," making it a historical and amazing pieces. Since the church is a one minute walk from Nakatsu Castle we often have foreign tourists visit there.

Location1283-1 Sannocho, Nakatsu-shi, Oita-ken Google Maps
Tour application / Contact informationTEL:+81-979-22-2259
Open hours9:00am-4:00pm
Mass information1) Sundays/6:30, 9:30 2)Monday to Thursday, Saturday/6:30 3) Friday/10:00
Special notices
Name of PriestTsugio Tanaka
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Inside the church

Inside the church