Fukuoka / Itoshima Town Hall

The Itoshima Catholic Church overlooks a wide surface of rice field and scattered woods of dense trees. It is a wonderful environment blessed by quiet nature. Those who wish to pray in quiet or take Holy Communion are very welcome to come and visit.

Location770 Shima matsuguma, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture Google Maps
Tour application / Contact informationTEL:+81-92-327-3210/FAX:+81-92-327-3210
Open hours9:00am-Evening
Mass informationThursdays at 7:00 Saturdays at 19:00 Sundays at 9:00
Special noticesPlease contact us beforehand for coming as an organization.
Also, if you would like to have an English mass, please contact us up to one month before.
Name of PriestPetro Hirata Miyoshi
Further informationClick here (Japanese)
Inside the church

Inside the church