Akita / Seitai Hoshikai - The Institute of the Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist

Seitai Hoshikai - The Institute of the Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist

Seitai Hoshikai is a small Catholic association for holy Eucharist handmaids which was established by the Niigata parish chief Shojiro Ito in 1970. Members make an oath of "obedience, chastity and honorable poverty" and devote themselves to God and live a life of service for people, following the lives of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
Seitai Hoshikai Seido is a Catholic church with the style of Japanese temples and shrines, which was constructed by miyadaiku (carpenters who specialize in construction and repair of shrines and temples) and dedicated in May 1, 2002.
The statue of Virgin Mary that would shed tears 101 times is placed on the left corridor in the church. It also has the "Garden of Virgin Mary", a garden for praying, and whoever wants to say a prayer can enter the garden.

Location1 Yuzawadai Soegawa Akita City Akita Prefecture Google Maps
Tour and Mass application / Contact information+81-18-868-2139
Open hours9:00 am-11:30am, 1:00pm-4:30pm (Open at 10:00am from December to March)
Periods of closureNone
Admission feeFree
Special noticesKeep quiet in the church/photography prohibited.
AccessTake a bus on the Akita Onsen route or the Nibetsu Resort Park route at JR Akita Station and get off at Yuzawa. About 10 minutes walk (uphill) following the guide plates; About 20 minutes ride from Akita Station by taxi; 40 minutes ride by shuttle bus from Akita Airport to Akita Station.
If Sky Access service provided by Akita Chuo Taxi has been reserved beforehand, a shared taxi takes you to Seitai Hoshikai at the price of \2,500. Phone No. of Sky Access: +81-18-823-1525
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Virgin Mary of Akita

Virgin Mary of Akita

The sculptor Saburo Wakasa of Akita City, having been asked to carve the statue of Virgin Mary, made it from a katsura tree, carving it with a single knife in 1963.
There were shedding tears witnessed frequently from this wooden statue during a period from January 4, 1975 to September 15, 1981. There was a case in which tears shed several times a day or no tears were shed for several months or years. Although shedding tears occurred in different ways, the number of people who encountered such a sight amounts to about 2000 in total. This statue was created based on the painting of Virgin Mary called ""Mother for All the People"" in Amsterdam in Netherlands.

Garden of Mary

Garden of Mary

The Garden of Mary is a Japanese-style garden for praying, which was produced to be devoted to Virgin Mary. You can take a stroll round the garden with a pond featuring little Japanese islands built with the wish that the grace of God is given all over the country.

Yard of Little Sheep

Yard of Little Sheep

This was also built for prayer and meditation. In the center of the yard, the Stations of the Cross have been placed and you can trace them to commemorate Christ's Passion.

Catholic Noshiro Church

Located near "Kaze No Matsubara," the largest pine forest in Japan, the church was established by the Society of the Divine Word.
The church also contains "Noshiro Catholic Kindergarten" (center for early childhood education and care).
The priest also serves as the head of the kindergarten.

Location15-19 Keirin-machi, Noshiro-shi, Akita-ken
Contact informationTEL:+81-185-52-2756
Mass information Sunday mass: 10:00 AM
Chief priest LOBO FELIX
Further information Please contact us in advance for English mass