Aichi / Nunoike Catholic Church

Mototerakoji Catholic Church

Dedicated as the head cathedral of the Nagoya diocese in 1962 after Shuzeicho Church became too small, the church has functioned as the central Catholic church in the Tokai Hokuriku region (Aichi, Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama Prefectures)
The church celebrated the 50th anniversary of its dedication in March 2012, and has become a popular landmark in the area.
Fifty years after the dedication of the church, masses continue to be conducted everyday, and while adopting a modern architectural approach, the church has maintained the features of the traditional church architecture; the building has also been praised for passing current earthquake resistance standards.

Location 1-12-23 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
Contact information TEL:+81-52-935-6305
Open hours 7:00–21:00 (However, please refrain from visiting during mass and other ceremonies)
Mass information Every Sunday; Japanese mass: 7:00, 9:30 Every Saturday; 7:00, 18:30 Weekdays: 7:00
Concerning 18:00 Sunday mass:
English mass: 2nd and 4th Sunday; Tagalog mass: 1st and 5th Sunday; Japanese mass: 3rd Sunday
Chief priestToyohiko Hirata, Masayoshi Kariura, FAMINIALAGAO Ferdimar Bacarisa
Further information Designated as an important building of the Nagoya City landscape in 1992, the building was registered as a tangible cultural property (building) in 2015.
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Mototerakoji Catholic Church Nunoike Catholic Church at night