Visiting theme parks and farms

Southern Boso Area

Chiba has several theme parks that let you come into contact with nature and animals. Bonding with adorable animals is a soothing experience even if you cannot communicate with them verbally. Explore to your heart's content as there are many interesting spots for you to stop by. Activities that you experience with not only your mind but with your entire body are sure to leave precious memories that are more than just views of famous sights.

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Day 1 - Kamogawa Seaworld, Mt. Nokogiri-yama

Tokyo -- <JR Sotobo Line Limited Express 120 mins.> -- Awa-Kamogawa -- <5 mins. by bus> -- [Kamogawa Seaworld] -- <5 mins. by bus> -- Awa-Kamogawa -- <JR Uchibo Line 75 mins.> -- Hamakanaya -- [Mt. Nokogiri-yama] -- Hamakanaya -- [Umibe no Yu Hot Spring]

*The times required with public transportation are approximate.

Kamogawa Seaworld

Mt. Nokogiri-yama

The sides of the mountain are precipitous cliffs formed from quarrying as it is an area that is abundant in quality stone. It is not a particularly tall mountain and stands only 330 meters in height, but the summit commands a magnificent view of the entire Tokyo Bay as well as the Tokyo Skytree, the Miura Peninsula, Mt. Fuji, and Izu Oshima. The ride on the ropeway gondola to the top is a four-minute trip up in the sky.

Umibe no Yu Hot Spring

Umibe no Yu Hot Spring is a single-day bathing facility that lets you view the vast ocean while relaxing in your bath. The hydrogen carbonate spring water helps make the skin smooth and is also known as beautifying bath water. There is also an outdoor bath where you can get a magnificent view of Mount Fuji on clear days.

Day 2 - Mother Farm, Tokyo German Village

Hamakanaya -- <JR Uchibo line 16min.> -- Sanukimachi -- <25 bus> -- [Mother Farm] -- <25 bus> -- <JR Uchibo line 30min.> -- Sodegaura -- < bus> -- [Tokyo German Village] -- < bus> -- Sodegaura -- <JR Uchibo line 80min.> -- Tokyo

Mother Farm, Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village