Enjoying Excitement on a Tohoku Summer Festival Tour

Sendai Area, Akita Area, Aomori Area

Summer is the season of festivals in Japan. There are several prominent summer festivals throughout the country, but the "Aomori Nebuta Festival", "Akita Kanto Festival", and "Sendai Tanabata Festival" of the Tohoku region are huge in scale and popularity, and make up the three great festivals of Tohoku. Because the three great festivals of Tohoku are held at nearly the same time, they can all be enjoyed together in one trip. Why not visit Tohoku in the height of the summer while watching these summer festivals?

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Day 1 - Aomori

Sendai -- <Tohoku Shinkansen110 mins.> -- Shin-Aomori -- <JR Ou Main Line10mins.> -- Aomori -- <by walk> -- [Aomori Nebuta Festival] -- [ Nebuta house Warasse] -- <by walk> -- Aomori -- <Aoimori Railway 20 mins.> -- Asamushi-onsen [Asamushi-onsen Hot Spring]

*The times required with public transportation are approximate.

Aomori Nebuta Festival

Nebuta house Warasse

The Aomori City cultural tourism exchange facility that opened in January 2011 on the seaward side of Aomori Station. Visitors are recommended to first attain basic knowledge here as it is filled with detailed information on the history and appeal of the Nebuta Festival.

Asamushi-onsen Hot Spring

Famous for ages as an old hot spring resort, this is an atmospheric hot spring town surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and an abundance of natural scenery. “Yunoshima”, which floats on the shore of Mutsu Bay, is particularly famous and can be reached by boat.

Day 2 - Akita

Asamushi-onsen -- <Aoimori Railway20 mins.> -- Aomori -- <Ou-onsen Hot Spring Limited Express 165 mins.> -- Akita -- by walk -- [Akita Kanto Festival][Akita City Folk Traditions Hall (Neburi Nagashi Kan)] -- <by walk>—Akita

Akita Kanto Festival

Akita City Folk Traditions Hall (Neburi Nagashi Kan)

It is as nearby as Kanto Odori Street, where the Kanto Festival is held. The huge poles that are actually used during the Kanto Festival are on display and visitors can hold them to see just how heavy they really are. There are also explanations on the traditional performing arts of Akita.

Day 3 - Sendai

[Traveling]Akita -- <Tohoku Shinkansen 145 mins.> -- Sendai -- <by bus50 mins.> -- Akiu-onsen—[Akiu-onsen Hot Spring ] -- <by bus50 mins.> -- Sendai -- <by walk or bus> -- [Sendai Tanabata Festival] -- Sendai -- <Tohoku Shinkansen95 mins.> -- Tokyo

Akiu-onsen Hot Spring

Sendai Tanabata Festival