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Ago Bay


Many islands create a landscape with a lot of atmosphere in the bay of pearls

Ago Bay in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula is known for pearl culture. The view with racks for pearl cultivation spreading on the sea surface like a field against the complicated coastal line is very impressive. More than 50 islands of varying size float in the bay. At dusk, their reflections on the sea surface create a landscape with a lot of atmosphere. Only Kashiko-jima and Mazaki-jima are inhabited while others are uninhabited islands, but you can visit some of them for sightseeing.

For excursion in Ago Bay, pleasure boats on Kashikojima Espana Cruise to visit a pearl factory are popular among visitors. This is a 50-minute course that starts at the Kashikojima Port, circle the bay, visit a pearl factory and return to the port. It is a wonderful strolling on the sea to feel the magnificent ocean and people living in it.

Specialty products of Ago Bay are rich sea foods such as laver that is harvested year round, pearl shell adductor, seaweed delicacy called miru, clams and Iwa-gaki oyster. Stay at a local Japanese-style inn or hotel and you will see these food on the table. Enjoy a feast from the sea that only the town can offer.


Address: Ago-cho, Shima , Mie
Phone: 0599-46-0570 (Shima-city Tourism Association)
Directions: (Train)10-minute walk from Kashiko-jima Station on the Kintetsu Shima Line (2 hours and 20 minutes from Nagoya) (Car) 30 minutes from Ise Interchange on the Ise Expressway (car parking available)

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