Land of Colorful Charms,
Season by Season

Trees lose their leaves
as chilly winds sweep through the
fields, mountains, villages and towns.
Crisp and cold dominates the air
and the blue of the sky looks so high.
When snow flakes begin to fly ...
winter in Saitama brings out the poet in us all.

Fukujuso (Amur adonis)
As amur adonis bloom in winter, they signal the approach of early spring. Since the 16th-century Edo period, this flower has been celebrated in the New Year as an ornament for the tokonoma alcove in Japanese-style rooms. Saitama Prefecture is the number one producer of amur adonis, accounting for over 90 percent of total output in Japan.
Hanazono Town Office: Tel: 048-584-1121

Tahoto Tower at Kanasana Shrine
This vermilion-lacquered Buddhist structure, a nationally designated Important Cultural Property, stands on high ground halfway along the approach to Kanasana Shrine. It was built in the late 15th century by the Abo clan, one of the seven powerful clans in Musashi Province, ancient name for Saitama.
Kamikawa Town Office: Tel: 0495-77-2111

Tokorozawa City
A modern city extending to the Sayama Hills, Tokorozawa today is often associated with Tokyo as a "bedroom town." Despite such a widespread image, Tokorozawa still retains much of verdent natural environment reminiscent of the Musashino Plateau of former days.
Tokorozawa City Tourist Association: Tel: 042-998-9155

Kohakucho (Small Swans)
A section of the Arakawa River flowing through Kawamoto Town in the county of Osato-gun provides a habitat for migrant kohakucho or small swans quite close to Tokyo. This protected sanctuary is home to well over 100 birds which are increasing in number year by year.
Kawamoto Town Tourist Association: Tel: 048-583-2781

Mitsumine Shrine
Mitsumine Shrine is claimed to have been founded by the mythological hero of Prince Yamatotakeru-no-mikoto (81 - 113 A.D.), third son of the emperor Keiko. The shrine structures are magnificent and dignified. Colorful pieces of sculpture attract the attention of visitors.
Otaki Tourist Association: Tel: 0494-55-0707

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