Land of Colorful Charms,
Season by Season

The tints and dyes of fall
cover the mountains in a luxurious brocade.
This is the time for holidaymakers
to head outdoors for fruit picking
at vineyards and orange groves.
So much to do: bird-watching, field athletics.
Gourmet treats for all and
leisure activities aplenty, sports and so much more ...
Autumn in Saitama a complete array
of enjoyment for all.

Mikan (Tangerine) Picking
The Fupu and Kobayashi districts of Yorii Town are home to the northernmost mikan (tangerine) orchards in Japan. About 30 tangerine farms can be found within these two districts, growing the "Unshu" and "Fukure" varieties. These mikan orchards are popular because they are open to visitors for fruit picking from mid-October to mid-December.
Yorii Town Tourist Association: Tel: 048-581-3012

Three Falls of Kuroyama (Kuroyama Santaki)
A trilogy of falls at Kuroyama, collectively known as Kuroyama Santaki, has been designated as one of Japan's best 100 scenic spots. Since olden times, the area around the three waterfalls - Odaki, Medaki and Tengudaki - has provided a mountain retreat for the ascetically inclined. As such, an annual opening ritual is celebrated in July every year. Today, however, it is better known as a popular scenic spot for tourists.
Ogose Town Tourist Association: Tel: 0492-92-3121

Soba (Buckwheat) Fields in Chichibu
For centuries, the Chichibu region has been famous nationwide as a major production center of high quality soba (buckwheat) for noodles. As you stroll around the Chichibu region in autumn, you find scattered fields of buckwheat blooming in delicate white. The expanse of small white flowers not only please your eye but the soba noodles are sure to please your palate.
Arakawa Village Office: Tel: 0494-54-2114

Nakatsu-kyo Gorge
The Nakatsu River originates in Jumonji Pass at the border with Nagano Prefecture, forming a gorge of breathtaking beauty. The Nakatsu-kyo Gorge is claimed to be the best scenic spot in the Chichibu region of Saitama especially in early summer when the virgin forests around the gorge display fresh green foliage, and again in autumn when the foliage turns to gorgeous crimson. A prefecture-designated scenic sight, Nakatsu-kyo attracts a plethora of visitors.
Otaki Tourist Association: 0494-55-0707

The Cosmos of Kazo
The Ogoshi district of Kazo City boasts an expanse of cosmos field. The lovely flowers sway gently in the breezes wafting from the Tone River. They pull at your heartstrings and lure you into the peace of the autumn season.
Kazo City Tourist Association: Tel: 0480-62-1111

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