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Koedo Sawara Osanpo Bus
A daily direct bus service links Akihabara with Sawara, Katori City. In the coach, the guide is available in English, Chinese and Korean. You can get some premiers.
Place of Departure and Arrival
Narita City
Sawara, Katori City
Narita Airport Terminal 2 (Bus Stop No.3,1fl.), Narita Airport Terminal 1
Katori Jingu Shrine, Chukei bashi bridge, JR Sawara Station
Frequency of Operation
Katori Jingu Shrine - JR Sawara Station : Five coming and going a day
Narita Airport Terminal - Sawara : Round trip 1,800yen; One way 1,000yen
Katori Jingu Shrine- JR Sawara Station : 220yen

* Betweend Katori Jingu and JR Sawara Station are free to do getting on and off who has a Osampo Bus ticket.
* Half amount of above fare for children of age 6 to 12; free for the children under 5

Time Table
* In case of the bus bound for Sawara, you can get off at Katori Jingu Shrine. Please show your ticket to the coach attendant.
* The arrival time may be delayed due to the traffic condition.
Bound for Narita from Sawara
Keisei Narita Sta. 09:30 13:35
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple 09:33 13:38
Narita A.P.Terminal2-Bus Stop No.3,1fl. 09:52 13:57
Katori Jingu Shrine 10:15 14:20
Tadataka-bashi Bridge 10:20 14:25
JR Sawara Sta. 10:20 14:29
Bound for Sawara from Narita
JR Sawara Sta. 12:00 16:00
Tadataka-bashi Bridge 12:05 16:05
Katori Jingu Shrine 12:10 16:10
Narita A.P.Terminal2-Bus Stop No.3,1fl. 12:35 16:35
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple 12:53 16:53
Keisei Narita Sta. 12:56 16:56
Bound for Katori Jingu Shrine from JR Sawara Sta.
Katori Jingu Shrine 11:00 15:00
Tadataka-bashi Bridge 11:05 15:05
JR Sawara Sta. 11:09 15:09
Discount ticket is delivered in the coach to the passengers who take the Osanpo Bus from Narita to Sawara. By this ticket, 10% discount will be available at the member stores in the city (42 stores at present).
* The ticket of effective on the day of issuance (there are some exemptions).
* Please refer any inquiry about the discount ticket to the Sawara Chamber of Commerce and Industry; telephone 0478-54-2244.
Operating Agency
NPO Convivial; telephone: 0478-54-1501 (English acceptable)
Narita Office, Chiba Kotsu; telephone: 0476-24-3331
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