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3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Beppu Hot Spring


3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Kyushu / Beppu Hot Spring

Beppu-onsen Hot Spring ranks among only a few spas in the world from the point of view of the number of hot springs and minerals, and the quantity of hot water it produces. It is of course the top-ranking hot spring in Japan on these criteria. At present there are 170 baths where you can just turn up and use a communal hot spring. Beppu is the name given to a group of eight hot spring areas: Hamawaki, Kankaiji, Beppu, Hotta, Myoban, Kan'nawa, Shibaishi and Kamegawa. It is also known as "Beppu Hatto - Beppu Eight Spas". Each contains different minerals and characteristics, and they have been used since old times to treat illnesses and injuries. In addition to bathing in the hot springs, you can take "suna-yu - sand hot water", where your body is covered with sand heated by the warmth of a hot spring; "utase-yu - hot water splash", where your body is splashed by hot water falling from a height; "doro-yu - mud hot water", where you sink your body into mud containing hot spring minerals; and "mushi-yu - steam hot water", where you are surrounded by steam from a hot spring. The Suginoi Hotel in the town uses hot spring water for its water needs and heating, and generates 60% of its electricity from an in-house generator running off natural hot water.