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3-Day Model Trip FOCUS


3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Kansai / Lake Biwa-ko

The Lake Biwa-ko is the largest lake in Japan with the area of some 670 km2. It occupies one-sixth of the Shiga. The mountains surrounding the lake are designated as the Biwa-ko Quasi-National Park. There are many scenic spots with natural, historic and cultural attractions. The cultures of the east, south, west and north of the lake are slightly different from one another. You can enjoy sightseeing with different touches. There is the Chikubu-jima Isle and other isles on the lake. It might be fun to board the pleasure boat and watch the lakesides from the lake. The lake is also a treasury of fishes and animals. It is said that about 60,000 birds come flying and some 50 kinds of fishes live in the lake.