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3-Day Model Trip

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Hokkaido Northern Tohoku Southern Tohoku Ibaraki & Chiba Joshinetsu Southern Tohoku Fuji Hakone and Izu Tokai Kansai East Chugoku Shikoku Setouchi Kyushu Okinawa

Japan offers a myriad of wonderful and appealing attractions: great cultural diversity, colorful and inspiring natural wonders beautifully interwoven by four distinctive seasonal changes, and the boundless hospitality of its people. Japan is thus gaining tremendously in popularity as a truly unique tourist destination that is easily accessible from any part of the world. It is a destination anyone can enjoy on a reasonable budget and with a sense of complete security. With its genuine and heart-warming hospitality, Japan awaits you! Presented below are 3-day model trips for traveling the newly designated “theme regions” that showcase different aspects of Japanese scenery and culture. These model trips will help you prepare your own itineraries for visiting the destinations of your interest in the most timely and enjoyable manner. This is your point of departure for travel information about Japan's "theme regions!" Click the name of the region of your choice!

Hokkaido Northern Tohoku Southern Tohoku Tokai East Chugoku Shikoku Kansai Setouchi kyushu Okinawa Joshinetsu Ibaraki & Chiba Hokuriku Fuji Hakone and Izu