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3-Day Model Trip Day3

Ibaraki & Chiba

3-Day Model Trip Day3 / Ibaraki & Chiba / Kisarazu - Umihotaru, Tokyo Bay Aqualine - Akihabara Station - Science Square TSUKUBA - Tsukuba Space Center - Tsukuba EXPO Center - Narita Airport

From Kisarazu Station, take the express bus bound for Tokyo Station via the Tokyo Bay Aqualine. This Aqualine highway links Kisarazu City of Chiba with Kawasaki City of Kanagawa, and consists of an undersea tunnel, a marine bridge, and two artificial islands. This is the longest underwater tunnel in the world for automobiles. One of the artificial islands is known as Umihotaru, which has an observation deck and restaurants commanding fine views of the sea.

Once you arrive at Tokyo Station, take the JR Yamanote Line to Akihabara Station, from where take the Tsukuba Express to Tsukuba Station. This town, surrounded by nature, is home to many of Japan's leading research institutes, and is known as Tsukuba Science City.

On Saturdays and Sundays and on national holidays of Japan, as well as during the Japanese school summer vacation (20 July - 31 August), an excursion bus runs from the station on a tour of the research institutes (a 1-day pass for an adult costs 500 yen). By showing this bus pass, admission charges will be discounted at some of the facilities.

Your tour starts at Science Square TSUKUBA which clearly explains the latest scientific technologies. It is exciting to learn how robots assist our daily lives and about medical technologies. The most popular attraction is the robot "PARO", which is considered to have the greatest healing effect in the world.

Next, make your way to the Tsukuba Space Center on foot, which is a major research facility at the heart of Japan's space development program. Real rockets and full-scale satellite models are on display. Especially worth visiting is the Japanese experiment module "KIBO" developed for the International Space Station project: step inside and experience what it feels like to be an astronaut! We recommend using the free guided tour which is available 5 times a day.

15 minutes by bus from the Tsukuba Space Center and you will arrive at the Tsukuba EXPO Center which is quite close to Tsukuba Station. The landmark for the Tsukuba EXPO Center is the full-size rocket model "H-II Rocket" which also serves as the symbol of Tsukuba Science City. At this center, there is a wide range of exhibits organized in an easy-to-understand manner even for children on all areas of scientific technologies including space development, ocean development, and nuclear energy development. Here, in the world's largest planetarium, immerse yourself in the dramatic images of starry skies.

This city also has many other exhibition facilities such as the Tsukuba Botanical Garden with 3,000 species of domestic and overseas plants, and the Geological Museum which is the only museum in Japan specializing in earth sciences. Choose where to visit depending on your own interests.

From Tsukuba Station, take the Tsukuba Express to Kita-Senju Station. Change to the JR Joban Line, and from Nippori Station, take the Skyliner back to Narita Airport.