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3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses

East Chugoku Shikoku

3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses / East Chugoku Shikoku /

Course A:Izumo - Matsue - Miho - Yonago - Daisen - Tsuyama

From Izumo, the root of Japan, to Matsue, the beautiful town loved by the writer Lafcadio Hearn. Approach Mihonoseki, a spot from which to view the Japan Sea, and see other areas of Japanese beauty such as Mt. Daisen, the Fuji of Izumo, and Tsuyama, a "little Kyoto".

  • DAY1

    Izumo - Izumo-taisha Shrine - (20 minutes by bus) - Hinomisaki Cape - (Hinomisaki Shrine, Fumi-shima Island, Hinomisaki Lighthouse etc.) - (45 minutes by bus) - Izumo-shi Station - (30 minutes by JR Line Limited Express) - Matsue (overnight)

  • DAY2

    Matsue - sightseeing in the town (Matsue Castle - Shiominawate - Trip on Lake Shinji-ko - Shimane Art Museum etc.) - (1 hour 15 minutes by bus) - Mihonoseki - sightseeing in the town (Miho-jinja Shrine, Miho no Kitaura etc.) - (25 minutes by taxi) - Sakaiminato Station - (45 minutes by JR Line) - Yonago Station - (17 minutes by bus) - Kaike-osen Hot Spring (overnight)

  • DAY3

    Yonago - (50 minutes by bus) -Daisen-ji Temple - (50 minutes by bus) - Yonago - (2 Hours by JR Line Limited Express) - Okayama Station - (1 hour 5 minutes by JR Line Rapid Train) - Tsuyama - sightseeing in the town (Kakuzan Park, Shurakuen Garden, the preserved quarter of Joto etc.)

Access from Osaka

Getting There:
Izumo Airport is 1 hour 5 minutes from Osaka Itami Airport. Dentetsu Izumo-shi Station is 25 minutes from Izumo Koku (Airport) Station on the Ichibata-dentetsu Line.
Okayama Station is 1 hour 10 minutes by Rapid Train from Tsuyama Station on the JR Tsuyama Line. Shin-Osaka Station is 40 minutes from Okayama Station on the JR Sanyo Shinkansen Line.