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Yoron Island Area与論島エリア


Yoron Island is a subtropical island encircled by coral reefs. Water sports are the most popular attractions all year round.

Yoron Island is at the southernmost end of Kagoshima Prefecture. With a circumference of 24km, it is made up of coral reefs that have surfaced in the Amami Islands over the years. It is part of the Amami Gunto Quasi-National Park and is famous for its beautiful ocean, barrier and fringing reefs, and the subtropical climate with an average tempearture of 20° upwards. Visitors from all over come to this island to enjoy water sports such as sea kayaking, diving, etc.

Visitors may learn abobut the history and culture of Yoron Island at the Southern Cross Center. There are various exhibits, ranging the display of 3,000 year-old stoneware to the explanation of the development of the present Yoron Island. The observation deck on the top floor of the center is the highest on the island. On clear days, Okinawa Island and Okinoerabu Island are visible from this observation deck.


From Tokyo :
[Air] 1h 50min from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport, and 1h 20 min from Kagoshima Airport to Yoron Airport
From Osaka :
[Air] 1h 10 min from Itami Airport to Kagoshima Airport

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