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Tsukuba Science City筑波研究学園都市


A science city that contains a great deal of interesting institutes. Its easy access from Tokyo allows visitors a glimpse of Japan's most advanced technology.

Tsukuba Science City, located about 50 km northeast of Tokyo, is segmented into the Research and Education District and the Suburban District. These two districts attract more than 300 public and private institutes, universities and firms, which also then attract about 20,200 researchers. Approximately 220,000 people including foreign researchers and their families, as well as students reside here.

Via the Tsukuba Express Line from Akihabara Station in Tokyo, Tsukuba Science City is about a one-hour trip from Central Tokyo. The Tsukuba Express Line opened in 2005 and improved transportation to the various international conferences and other events now held frequently in Tsukuba Science City.

Additionally, the Tsukuba Science Tour Office organizes and offers tours of laboratories located in Tsukuba Science City and also provides tour guide services.
There are a variety of unique sightseeing spots in Tsukuba Science City. The Tsukuba Expo Center holds one of the world's largest planetarium, where visitors can experience the latest in technology and science, as well as the older standards of technology and science.

At the Science Museum of Map and Survey, a gigantic parabolic antenna is now the landmark of Tsukuba, and visitors can learn the methods of map projection. There are other sightseeing locations such as the Tsukuba Space Center, Science Square Tsukuba, and Tsukuba Botanical Garden explaining botany from a more scientific point of view. At Matsumi and Doho Parks, visitors enjoy greenery and walks in the fresh air.


From Tokyo :
[Rail] Tsukuba station is 45 minutes from Akihabara Station by Tsukuba Express Line.

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