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Spacious land containing Kasumigaura, the second largest lake in Japan. The breathtaking Fukuroda Falls can also be found in the area.

Ibaraki is located in the center of the Honshu (the main land of Japan) and about 40 km away from Tokyo. Facing the Pacific Ocean on the east, Ibaraki is divided into three parts; the mountainous area in the north, the center-to-south stretch of the Kanto Plain and the area containing the Tone-gawa River and its tributary streams.
North of the prefecture is a region of travel lure having, for example, the Fukuroda Falls, which is one of the three renowned waterfalls in Japan. The seasonally changing Mt. Tsukuba stands in the heart of the prefecture dominating the Kanto Plain. At its foot spreads Tsukuba Science City, a town made up chiefly of University of Tsukuba and various government-owned and private research institutions.

In the Kasumigaura, the second largest lake in Japan, you can have a good time cruising in a pleasure boat and fishing bass. Itako is a riverside district of the Tone River, where you can enjoy a waterway excursion on a flat-bottom boat propelled by a jolly woman sculler. Especially, early summer makes the waterway flowery with sweet flags in full bloom on both sides, attracting many tourists.

The Kairaku-en Garden in Mito, built in the 19th century by Nariaki Tokugawa, the then lord of the Mito clan, is one of the three renowned gardens in Japan along with Kenroku-en Garden in Ishikawa and Koraku-en Garden in Okayama. It is thronged with plum trees and hagi (Japanese bush clover) flower viewers when the flowers are in boom. In Kasama, which is a town of pottery, you can try out a potter's work on your own.


It takes 2hrs 30 min from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line, and 7 min from Tokyo Station to Ueno Station. It is 1h 5 min ride from Ueno Station to Mito Station by JR Joban Line Limited Express.


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