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Nada Go-go灘五郷

A region well known and popular for its local sake. The Shiryo-kan museums offer sake tasting to visitors.

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A region well known and popular for its local sake. The Shiryo-kan museums offer sake tasting to visitors.

Nada is in the south-eastern part of Hyogo. Nada Go-go is the generic name of 5 areas that lie within 12 kilometers between Kobe and Nishinomiya; Nishi-go, Mikage-go, Uozaki-go, Nishinomiya-go and Imazu-go. Uozaki-go is in the south of Uozaki Station by Hanshin Main Line, and along the so-called Sakagura-no-michi, or Sake Brewery Street, which stretches to the west, many sake(rice wine) breweries stand side by side. There were three reasons for the development of sake brewing in the 18th century that made the name of Nada known throughout Japan. One was the discovery of miya-mizu, excellent quality water for making sake; two, the production of rice of high quality, an ingredient of sake; and three, a convenient location for transportation by sea.

Most of the brewers have their own museums(shiryo-kan) to introduce the process of sake brewing and information on production of sake. In the factory of the Hama-fuku-tsuru Brewery, rice is polished to less than 50%, fermented at low temperature, then brewed. Visitors can watch the process of sake brewing using new equipment through the glass window and then try sake at the tasting corner.

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From Tokyo:
2h 30 min by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line to Shin-Osaka Station.


From Shin-Osaka Station:
32 min to Sumiyoshi Station by JR Kobe Line. 4 min from Sumiyoshi Station to Minami Uozaki Station by Rokko Liner.


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