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Coastal Areas and Islands

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Surrounded by sea, Japan is blessed with some magnificent coastlines. The scenery of the beautiful sea is rich in variation, from the ice floe-locked coast of the Hokkaido region to the coast of Okinawa, surrounded by coral reefs. Its islands, too, come in a wide variety, such as the tiny islets in Setonaikai (Inland Sea of Seto), Sadogashima Island and the Okinoshima Islands which are surrounded by rough sea, as well as the Ogasawara Islands which consist of small islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

  Coastal Areas
Cape Erimo
Nosappu Point
Soya Point
Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula
Shimokita-hanto Peninsula
Tsugaru-hanto Peninsula and Tappi
Oga-hanto Peninsula
Rikuchu-kaigan Coast (Iwate)
Rikuchu-kaigan Coast (Miyagi)
Oarai Beach
Kujukuri-hama Beach
Minami Boso
Miura-hanto Peninsula
Iro-zaki Point
Noto-hanto Peninsula
Echizen-kaigan Coast
Shima-hanto Peninsula
Shiono-misaki Point
Cape Ashizuri
Cape Muroto
Tottori-sakyu Sand Dunes
Kunisaki-hanto Peninsula
Nichinan-kaigan Coast
Cape Toi
Cape Nagasaki-bana
Cape Sata
Izu Shichito Islands
Ogasawara Islands
Enoshima Island
Sado-ga-shima Island
Awaji-shima Island
Shodo-shima Island
Kuju-ku-shima Islands
Amami-Oshima Island
Tane-ga-shima Island
Yaku-shima Island
Yoron-jima Island
Yae-yama Islands
Ishigaki-jima Island
Miyako-jima Island
Rishiri-to and Rebun-to Islands
Kerama-shoto Islands