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Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls

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Rivers have been closely associated with the birth of civilization since ancient times. In Japan too, there are great rivers flowing through large cities, such as the Tonegawa River in the Kanto Plain where Tokyo is located, and the Yodogawa River in Osaka. There are also beautiful rivers such as the famous Shimantogawa in the Shikoku region. Moreover, numerous lakes and waterfalls are found in the mountainous districts. Famous waterfalls include the Kegon Falls in Nikko and the Nachi Falls of the Kumano region, which are designated as World Heritage Sites. Both places are sacred sites of Japan.

  Rivers, Valleys,
  and Gorges
Jozan-kei Valley
Soun-kyo Gorge
Oirase Mountain Stream
Sumida-gawa River
Kurobe Valley (Nagano)
Kurobe Valley (Toyama)
Shosen-kyo Valley
Tenryu-kyo Valley / Tenryu-gawa River Rafting
Ena-kyo Valley
Nihon Rhine
Oi-gawa River > Okuoi
Doro-kyo Valley
Iya Valley
Yoshino-gawa River > Oboke and Koboke
Shimanto-gawa River
Kuma-gawa River
Takachiho Gorge
  Lakes and Marshes
Kushiro Marsh
Lake O-numa
Lake Shikotsu-ko
Lake Toya-ko
Lake Shikaribetsu-ko
Lake Towada-ko
Lake Towada-ko (Akita)
Lake Tazawa-ko (Akita)
Oze (Fukushima)
Oze (Gumma)
Lake Inawashiro-ko
Lake Nozori-ko
Lake Ashino-ko
Lake Oku-tadami-ko
Lake Shirakaba-ko
Lake Suwa-ko > Suwa-taisha Shrine
Lake Hamana-ko
Lake Biwa-ko
Lake Shinji-ko
Kegon-no-taki Falls > Nikko
Kumoi-no-taki Falls/
Choshi-O-taki Falls/
Tamasudare-no-taki Falls/Shiraito-no-taki Falls > Oirase Mountain Stream
Fukuroda-no-taki Falls > Oku-Kuji
Osawamata-no-taki Falls > Yoro-keikoku Valley
Seven Waterfalls in Kawazu > Amagi-toge Pass / Seven Waterfalls in Kawazu
Akame Shiju-hattaki Falls
Nachi-no-taki Falls > Mt. Nachi-san
Taishaku-kyo Valley
Manai-no-taki Falls > Takachiho-kyo Gorge