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Mountains, Highlands and Caves

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Japan is an island country stretching over 2,000 kilometers from north to south. Northern Japan is in the subarctic climatic zone while Southern Japan is in the subtropical zone. What's more, the greater part of the Japanese landmass is made up of mountains. Japan's mountains, together with the adjoining highlands, form beautiful landscapes colored with diverse expressions, which change with each of the four seasons. Mt. Fuji and many other mountains of Japan are objects of worship. Both designated as World Heritage Sites, Shirakami-Sanchi in northern Japan is famous for its primeval beech forests, while Yakushima in southern Japan is well-known for its primeval subtropical forests and gigantic trees.

Mt. E-san
Mt. Hakkoda-san
Shirakami Mountains (Akita)
Shirakami Mountains (Aomori)
Mt. Iwate-san > Morioka
Zao (Miyagi)
Zao (Yamagata)
Dewa Sanzan(Mt. Gassan/Mt. Haguro-san/Mt. Yudono-san)
Mt. Haruna-san > Ikaho-onsen Hot Spring/Mt. Haruna-san
Mt. Tsukuba-san
Mt. Shirane-san > Kusatsu /Shirane
Mt. Tanigawa-dake > Minakami-onsen/Mt. Tanigawa-dake
Mt. Akagi-yama
Mt. Takao-san
Mt. Naeba-san > Mt. Naeba-san/Akiyama-go
Mt. Haku-san > The base of Mt. Haku-san (Gifu)
Mt. Haku-san > The base of Mt. Haku-san (Ishikawa)
Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka)
Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi)
Central Alps
Mt. Norikura-dake >Norikura
Mt. Daisen
Mt. Sanbe-san
Mt. Ishizuchi-yama
Mt. Aso-san > Aso
Mt. Kaimon-dake > Nagasaki-bana Point/Mt. Kaimon-dake
Hachimantai Plateau (Akita)
Hachimantai Plateau (Iwate)
Aizu-kogen Highlands
Bandai-kogen Highlands
Kirifuri-kogen Heights
Nasu Heights
Myoko-kogen Highlands
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Nagano)
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Toyama)
Azumino > Hakuba/Azumino
Shiga-kogen Highlands
Utsukushi-ga-hara Highlands
Amagi-toge Pass > Amagi-toge Pass and Seven Waterfalls in Kawazu
Nihon-daira Plateau
Hiruzen-kogen Highlands
Akiyoshi-dai Plateau > Akiyoshi-dai Plateau / Akiyoshi-do Cavern
Ryusen-do Cave
Ikura-do and Maki-do Caves
Shuho-do Cavern > Akiyoshi-dai Plateau / Shuho-do Cavern
Karatsu and Yobuko
Southern Okinawa