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Many of Japan's mountains are active volcanoes. Even the famous Mt. Fuji had been active as a volcano until the Modern Age. In this light, hot springs can be found all over the country. Since ancient times, the Japanese people have been very fond of these hot springs, which have become part of the Japanese lifestyle. The hot spring is effective in treating injuries and illnesses as well as relieving fatigue. If you visit a hot-spring resort, you will find that the majority of the accommodation facilities offer hot spring baths. You will also find many places where you can bathe in a hot spring without staying overnight. Roten-buro, which is an open-air spa, is extremely popular, so you should give it a try when traveling in Japan.

  Northern Japan
E-san-onsen Hot Spring > Mt. E-san
Noboribetsu-onsen > Noboribetsu
On'neyu-onsen Hot Spring
Akiu-onsen Hot Spring
Naruko Hot Spring
Ginzan-onsen Hot Spring
Shirabu-onsen Hot Spring > Shirabu and Tengen-dai
Tsuchiyu-onsen Hot Spring > Fukushima city
Kinugawa-onsen Hot Springs > Kinugawa-onsen Hot Springs/Oku-Kinu
Shiobara-onsen-kyo Hot Spring > Nasu/Shiobara
Ikaho-onsen Hot Spring > Ikaho-onsen Hot Spring/Mt. Haruna-san
Kusatsu-onsen Hot Spring > Kusatsu-onsen Hot Spring / Mt. Shirane-san
Minakami-onsen Hot Spring > Minakami-onsen/Mt. Tanigawa-dake
  Central Japan
Hakone Thirteen Spas > Hakone
Yugawara-onsen Hot Sring > Yugawara
Echigo-Yuzawa Hot spring resort > Echigo-Yuzawa
Unazuki-onsen Hot Spring
Kaga Onsen-go hot spring district
Asama-onsen Hot Spring
Bessho-onsen Hot Spring > Bessho-onsen Hot Spring/Uda
Gero-onsen Hot Spring
Yugashima-onsen Hot Spring > Amagi-toge Pass and Seven Waterfalls in Kawazu
Atami Hot Spring > Atami/Ito
Ito Hot Spring > Atami/Ito
Atagawa-onsen Hot Spring > Higashi Izu
Inatori-onsen Hot Spring > Higashi Izu
Shuzen-ji-onsen Hot Spring > Shuzen-ji
  Southern Japan
Nagashima-onsen Hot Spring
Yunoyama-onsen Hot Spring
Shirahama-onsen Hot Springs > Nanki Shirahama
Kinosaki-onsen Hot Spring > Kinosaki
Arima-onsen Hot Spring > Rokko/Arima-onsen Hot Spring
Misasa-onsen Hot Spring > Misasa
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring
Chikugo-gawa Hot Spring
Unzen-onsen Hot Spring > Unzen and Shimabara
Beppu Hot Spring > Beppu
Yufuin Hot Spring > Yufuin and Kuju Hill
Kurokawa-onsen Hot Spring