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The years from the Medieval Period to the Modern Age marked the era when samurai warriors rose to power, and Japan was divided into small states in which many castles were built. The early castles were forts built mostly in mountainous districts for warfare purposes. With the coming of the Modern Age, many enormous castles were constructed during the Edo Period when the Shogun ruled over Edo (present-day Tokyo) as symbols of the wealth and power of the daimyo (feudal lords) who ruled over provincial domains. The graceful Himeji-jo, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, is one such castle.

Matsumae Castle > Matumae
Hirosaki Castle > hirosaki
The Imperial Palace Area
Odawara Joshi Park (castle ruins park) >Odawara
Ueda Castle > Bessho-onsen Hot Spring and Ueda
Matsumoto Castle > Matsumoto
Gifu Castle > Gifu City
Nagoya Castle
Inuyama Castle > Inuyama
Iga Ueno Castle > Iga Ueno
Wakayama Castle > Wakayama City
Hikone Castle > Hikone
Kyoto Gosho(Imperial Palace) > Gosho and Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle > Gosho and Nijo-jo Castle
Shugakuin Rikyu Palace > Around Takano
Osaka Castle
Ko'oriyama Castle > Yamato-Ko'oriyama and Yata-kyuryo Hills
Himeji Castle
Matsue Castle > Matsue
Okayama Castle > Okayama City
Takamatsu-jo Castle > Takamatsu
Matsuyama Castle > Matsuyama
Kochi Castle > Kochi City
Shimabara Castle > Unzen and Shimabara
Kumamoto Castle > Kumamoto City
Capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom > Naha
  Gardens and
Kairakuen Park > Mito
Hama-Rikyu Imperial Gift Garden > Hama-Rikyu and Shibaura
Shinjuku-gyoen Park > Shinjuku
Kenrokuen Garden > Kanazawa
Katsura-rikyu Imperial Villa > Katsura
Koraku-en Garden > Okayama City
Kintai-kyo Bridge
Ritsurin Park