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Eco Assets in Hokkaido

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Hokkaido is situated in the far northern part of Japan where the summers are refreshing and humidity-free and the winters provide excellent skiing and the opportunity to witness the drift ice. Eco tours are available for places such as Shiretoko, registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, so you can experience first-hand the ecological system in which innumerable precious animals and plants exist. The 2008 "G8 Summit", hosted by Japan, was held in July in Lake Toya-ko, Hokkaido. The beautiful scenery of this area provided a perfect backdrop for world leaders to discuss harmonious coexistence with nature. In this guide, the major sightseeing points of Hokkaido are introduced from an ecological perspective.

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[Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation) provided by the GSI of Japan]

Airports in Hokkaido

Wind turbines Bird-watching Natural heritage Ainu culture Onuma Bird House Lake Komuke-ko Uryunuma-shitsugen Marsh Sarobetsu-genya Moor Notsuke-hanto Peninsula/Notsuke Bay Lake Tofutsu-ko Shunkunitai Kushiro-shitsugen Marsh National Park Akkeshi Waterfowl Observation Center Kiritappu-shitsugen Marsh