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Moss is a precious plant that requires just the right amount of temperature, humidity, and sunlight to grow. It takes several years to completely cover a rock or land surface with moss. The deep green carpet has always been prized as a symbol of nature's tranquility, subtleness, and profoundness. At the World Heritage-inscribed Saihoji Temple of Kyoto, also known as "Kokedera (literally, 'moss temple')," about 120 varieties of moss can be enjoyed. There is even a recent quiet trend of moss balls being bought and displayed as a soothing interior item.
The Condensed Beauty of Nature: Bonsai
This refers to a plant (sai) grown in a pot (bon). While featuring the true natural appearance of the plant, its form is changed gradually through techniques such as pruning and tying down branches or the trunk. Over a number of years, the pot and plant eventually become one, creating a little world of its own.