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Japanese-Style Room

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Japanese-Style Room

Shoes are taken off at the entrance hall, and tatami mats are stepped on with bare feet. Sunlight shines through paper sliding screens, softly illuminating the flowers adorning the alcove. The appeal of a Japanese-style room is not only its coziness, but also being able to sense outdoor nature while inside. Because traditional Japanese-style rooms are built with natural materials only, such as wood, paper, stones, soil, straw, and fabric, they provide not only comfort, but also function to clean the air because the materials breathe.

Shoji (sliding screen)

A door with thin wood sticks applied inside a wooden frame in a lattice pattern and Japanese paper pasted on one side.

Fusuma (sliding door)

A door with a wooden frame and a material such as paper pasted on both sides.

Tokonoma (alcove)

An open space for adorning a picture scroll, flowers, or an incense burner.

Tatami (straw mats)

A thick straw mat with rush grass woven over the surface. The mat is reversible.