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Convenience Stores

Convenience stores that are open twenty-four hours a day can be found anywhere in Japan. At these stores, you can purchase your favorite items ranging from food and drinks to everyday goods, alcohol, and cigarettes anytime. Convenience stores are very useful as many of them have ATMs (credit cards issued overseas can only be used at Seven-Elevens), copying machines, and restrooms that are free to use.

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Complete guide to Japanese convenience stores

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located all over Japan in locations such as on the streets, in facilities, and train stations. Most of them dispense products such as drink and cigarettes. There are also vending machines that dispense instant ramen noodles, snacks, newspapers, and magazines.

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Hundred Yen Shops

These are shops that offer various products for a hundred yen each (consumption tax not included). Here, you can purchase products such as miscellaneous goods, everyday items, office supplies, and snacks at very low prices.

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Shoppers’ Paradise: Something for Everyone

Accurate Public Transportation

The times that trains run are almost all scheduled, and the trains always run on time as long as there are no accidents. By using Internet train route searching services such as the one below, itineraries can be arranged easily while finding efficient routes to destinations.


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