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A bustling downtown area, Umeda spreads out around the station on the JR, Hankyu, Hanshin and city subway lines. Commercial facilities include department stores, fashion buildings such as "EST" and "Urban Terrace Chayamachi" and the electrical appliance megastore, "Yodobashi Camera". These facilities are connected by underground shopping malls such as "Hankyu Sanban Gai (town)", "Whity Umeda", "Diamor Osaka" and "Dojima Underground Center", the total area of which is considered to be the largest in the world. There's a wide variety of restaurants as well as Japanese-style pubs at Kita-Shinchi on Ohatsu Tenjin Dori (Ave.) and around the shopping mall on Hankyu Higashi Dori (Ave.). Plans are underway to construct high-rise buildings, so it is expected that this area will continue developing.

Umeda Hankyu (Hankyu Department Store)

This department store is situated in front of Umeda Station and boasts the highest sales in the Kansai area. Catering to high-end customers, it carries a particularly fine selection of women's fashion products and cosmetics. The adjacent "Ings" specializes in travel, sports and health goods. Renovations currently underway will make this department store the largest in Japan.

Hanshin Department Store

Compared with the Hankyu Department Store, Hanshin has a more accessible atmosphere. Conveniently connected to the underground mall, you can enjoy the taste of Osaka at their basement floor at which they have a variety of lively grocery stores. On the same floor there are fast food shops where you can try Japan's famous grilled squid, takoyaki (octopus dumpling), sushi and ramen noodles.

Osaka Station City-South Gate Building (It was called "Acty Osaka")

This super-high-rise building with 27 aboveground floors is connected directly to the JR Osaka Station. It houses one of the Japan Daimaru department stores and the Hotel Granvia Osaka. The top floor is an observation floor.

Osaka Maru Biru (Round Building)

This symbol of Osaka attracts considerable attention, particularly for its unique cylindrical form. The building is home to the Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel, Tower Records and L. L. Bean. There is also a diverse range of restaurants, so you can enjoy eating tofu at "Kushiage" or skewered grilled vegetables and meat, sushi and udon (Japanese wheat noodles). At the popular "Takonotetsu", you can cook takoyaki (octopus dumplings) yourself. The pub on the 30th floor also provides a beautiful view of the night scenery.

Umeda Loft

Umeda Loft, situated in Chaya-machi, is the largest miscellaneous goods store in Umeda. Here, you'll find every kind of products to make your life more enjoyable, from stationary and beauty accessories to health goods. The many colorful small items are the perfect thing for souvenirs. On the 8th floor, you can buy clothing and other items at "Mujirushi Ryohin", a popular brand offering simple designs.