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This is one of the busiest towns in Japan, with its train station reportedly handling the largest number of passengers in the world. Department stores, electrical appliance megastores and huge book stores fan out around the station and are constantly filled with customers. In the underground mall, there are dozens of shops where you might find an unexpected bargain. The "Don Quixote" discount store is located along Yasukuni Dori (Ave.) at the east exit, and to the north of this store is the Kabuki-cho bright lights district, crowded with restaurants, adult entertainment spots, arcades and theaters.
On the west exit side are the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings, super-high-rise buildings and first-class hotels. Enjoy the night view from the free observatory at the top of the Metropolitan Government building or from one of the skyscraper restaurants.


The Isetan Department Store located at Shinjuku 3-chome dates all the way back to 1886. They carry an excellent selection of high-quality fashion ahead of the trend, with the No. 1 sales of women's clothing in Japan. The "Only I" brand is exclusive to Isetan. The adjacent "Men's Building" carries menswear and accessories.


This major department store situated at the south exit of Shinjuku Station was founded in 1831. There are 14 Takashimaya stores throughout Japan including in Osaka, Kyoto and Yokohama. Referred to as "Times Square" together with "Tokyu Hands" and "Yuzawaya", the Shinjuku store specializes in miscellaneous goods and hobby items, and their dazzling display of Christmas lights is one of Tokyo's noted features.

Bic Camera Shinjuku West Exit store

This household appliance/electronics megastore is accessible from Shinjuku Station via an underpass. The easy-to-see displays and extensive product lineup in the PC section draws a huge number of customers. They also carry watches, eyeglasses, futons and toys. At the East Exit is one of their smaller-scale stores.

Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Head store

The Yodobashi megastore has 7 buildings around the West Exit and 2 in East Exit. Each building specializes in a particular product such as cameras, watches and games - for example, the "Multi Media Building" carries PCs and TVs, so there's a huge selection of products and peripheral equipment from which to choose.