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One of Japan's busiest towns, Shibuya is extremely popular with young people. There are department stores, restaurants and specialty shops; casual fashion shops in particular have a high profile as typified by the "SHIBUYA 109" fashion building. Each street has its own characteristic look; for example, Koen Dori (Ave.) has the "Seibu Department Store" and "Parco", Bunkamura Dori (Ave.) has the "Tokyu Department Store", and Spain Zaka (Hill Road) has small clothing boutiques and miscellaneous goods shops. On "Center Gai or Center Street", the street extending from the station, there is a constant stream of young people strolling past the fast food shops, shoe stores, and accessory and cosmetics shops.
Fashion shops recently started opening up on Meiji Dori (Ave.), so you can enjoy window shopping while walking to Harajuku or Omotesando.


Here is the source for the latest in young women's fashions. Some customers are specifically seeking items they've seen in magazines or those worn by idol singers. In front of the station, "109-2" carries fashions for kids in their early teens.

Tokyu Department Store

The "Tokyu Toyoko" branch of this department store, conveniently connected directly to Shibuya Station, is famous for its food section that offers a delightful selection of confectionary and a wide variety of deli goods. A 10-minute walk leads you to the head store, which is much more posh and features domestic and overseas brands. There is a free bus service between both stores.

Tokyu Hands

In this popular miscellaneous goods store, you can buy convenience items for daily life as well as tools good enough for professional use. Also popular are durable and highly practical bags, silver accessories and party goods including magic supplies.

Shibuya Mark City

This 25-story twin-tower building standing in front of the station has about 70 stores including clothing shops popular among young women, accessory shops and cafes. The upper floors are occupied by the Excel Hotel Tokyu, and the night view from the restaurant on the top floor is superb. There is a free bus service between Shibuya Mark City, Tokyu Department Store and the Cerulean Hotel.