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This busy terminal town handles the second-largest number of passengers on the JR line. The station features a huge underground mall that connects the "Seibu" "Tobu" and "Parco" department stores. To the east and west of the station is the bustling shopping and entertainment district. In front of the station, famous megastores such as "Bic Camera" and "Yamada Denki" compete with each other in electrical appliances and electronics. There's also "Sunshine City" with an observatory, aquarium, theme park and shopping floors and the Toyota "Amlux Tokyo" showroom, so adults and children alike can enjoy the entire day there. When night comes, Japanese-style pubs and reasonably priced adult entertainment spots come to life for further enjoyment.

Seibu Department Store

This department store boasts the largest annual number of visitors in Japan (approx. 70 million people). The food sections are as busy as a marketplace. There are also brand-power specialty shops such as "Libro" books and "Loft" stationery.

Tobu Department Store

Tobu has the largest floor area of any store in eastern Japan. Furthermore, at the upper "SPICE" floor, there are a rich variety of restaurants that provide an exceptional dining experience and a spectacular night view. In the food section, the enticing selection of Japanese and Western confectionary is popular with everyone.

ISP (Ikebukuro Shopping Park)

This underground shopping mall extends to the east side of the station. Among the many stores are ladies' wear shops catering to the more mature woman-- compared with the other fashion boutiques in Ikebukuro area, which are featuring young ladies' clothes. We recommend popping in to one of the meat, fish or tofu shops for a glimpse of the Japanese diet. How about buying a packed lunch or a snack from the deli?

Lumine Ikebukuro

Connected directly to the Tobu Department Store, this shopping complex also houses a movie theater. Clothing stores, cosmetics boutiques and perfume shops popular among young Japanese girls are the main shops in this facility. There are also many restaurants and cafes, so you need not worry about where to get something to eat.

Sunshine City Alpa

In the "Sunshine City" complex you'll find an aquarium, planetarium and theme park as well as a shopping mall with about 180 stores carrying products from fashion goods to toys. There are also many fast food shops where you can take a short break, so this is most suitable for go-as-you-please type shopping.