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Ginza and Yurakucho


Ginza and Yurakucho, two of the busiest shopping districts in Japan, are lined with world-renowned department stores and name brand shops catering to those with sophisticated taste. There are also many posh, long-established restaurants and bars, a characteristic feature of the area. On Sundays, cars are not allowed to enter the main streets, so you can enjoy shopping at a relaxed pace. A huge commercial complex, "Yurakucho ITOCiA", was built in front of Yurakucho Station in 2007. ITOCiA includes fashion boutiques, specialty dining venues and movie theaters, attracting crowds of people of all generations. Also in this area is the appliance megastore "Bic Camera" as well as the Tokyo International Forum, so there's a wide range of attractions to enjoy. Pop in at the Tourist Information Center at Kotsu Kaikan (Traffic Hall) situated in front of Yurakucho Station and take a look at all the things to do and see.

Department stores

(Matsu-ya, Mitsukoshi)
Ginza is home to 2 historic department stores: "Mitsukoshi" in 1673 and "Matsu-ya" in 1925. Today, these stores focus particular attention on their basement food courts where you will find an exclusive collection of delicacies from all over the world.



Apple Store, Ginza

This elaborate structure that stands out conspicuously on the main street is an Apple direct retail store where you can try the latest Macintosh computers and iPods. Expert staff are on hand to help you with your purchase or repairs. You might even catch a performance by a famous artist!

Bic Camera, Yurakucho Branch Main building

Bic Camera is a household electric appliance megastore with its head store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The Yurakucho branch is situated in front of the station, and it is vast, offering a wide range of products from cameras, household electric products to watches, glasses, brand items, travel goods and alcohol. There is an annex selling mainly games and audio equipment on the other side of Yurakucho Station.

Local Products Furusato Antenna Shop

(Dosanko Plaza, Washita Shop, etc.)
In the Ginza/Yurakucho district there are 15 shops that sell local products from each region in Japan for the purpose of sightseeing PR - it's almost like taking a mini-tour of Japan. The Kotsu Kaikan in front of Yurakucho Station houses 7 shops including "Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza". On the main street of Ginza, the "Washita Shop" is very popular for its rare Okinawa food and cosmetics.

Mujirushi Ryohin (MUJI)

Mujirushi Ryohin is known for its "MUJI" brand clothes and miscellaneous goods featuring monochromatic simplistic designs. There are branches of this store around the world, with the Yurakucho branch being the largest in Eastern Japan. It also features a cafeteria-like pub restaurant with an open, relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy a quick drink!

Ginza Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Situated at Ginza 8-chome, this toy emporium stocks an inventory of about 50,000 toys and also has a duty-free section. The basement floor is a dream palace for young girls with its Licca-chan dress-up doll series. This is also the perfect place to find inexpensive and unique souvenirs.

Marronnier Gate

This trendy commercial complex opened at Ginza 2-chome in the autumn of 2007 and houses mainly fashion and variety stores as well as restaurants. Thirty-three stores are devoted to providing a new sense of service that you cannot experience elsewhere. Floors 5 to 9 are home to the "Tokyu Hands" department store that sells just about anything and everything. The delicate glass curtain walls of this complex employ traditional Japanese modes of expression and are something that should not be missed.