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The professional soccer league in Japan was launched as the "J League" in 1993.
There are presently 31 clubs in Japan, separated into J1 (18 teams) and J2 (19 teams). During J1 league games, 18 teams play matches in a round-robin system, a total of 34 games in a predetermined order. The team with the most winning points earns first prize, and the two teams with the least points are demoted to J2. To decide the order for the following season, the top 3 teams from J2 compete in the league promotion/relegation series and the 2 winning teams move up to J1.
Cup games and international games are held between league games. The A3 Champions Cup where winners of the J League (Japan), C League (China) and K League (South Korea) compete to be number one in Asia and the 2002 FIFA World Cup held jointly by Japan and South Korea are still fresh in our memory. The J League has produced many excellent players who have moved on to join powerful European clubs such as in Scotland, Germany and France.

[Opening time]
(League game) *As of 2010
·1st to 12th game: Beginning of March to Middle of May
·13th to 34th game: Middle of July to Beginning of December
·The J1/J2 promotion/relegation series: December

(Cup games) *As of 2010
Around February (Venue: National Stadium in Tokyo)
·AFC Champions League
Around September
·Kirin Cup Soccer
Around August
·Yamazaki Nabisco Cup
March to October, the final game is on November 3 (Venue: National Stadium in Tokyo)
·Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship
Starting from September. The final game is on New Year's Day (Venue: National Stadium in Tokyo)