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Sport Events

Professional baseball in Japan consists of two leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League. Six teams in each league compete in the pennant race (official games). Mid-season, they compete at the "Nippon Life Insurance Central/Pacific Interleague Games" where a total of 12 teams from the 2 leagues participate in a round-robin tournament, after which they return to the regular pennant race. If a team holds on to first place until the end of the season, it becomes the league winner for the year. Then, the top 3 teams of each league compete at the "Climax Series" in order to advance to the "Japan Series". Winning teams of the "Climax Series" in each league compete in the "Japan Series" for the number one place in Japan for the season of that year.

[Opening time]
-Exhibition games (March)
-Pennant Race (March to October)
-Nippon Life Insurance Central/Pacific Interleague Tournament (May to June)
-All Star Game (July)
-Climax Series (around September)
-Japan Series (around October)