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Meat masterpieces! The delectable Wagyu


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Wagyu is a type of high-class beef that is currently garnering popularity on a worldwide level. President Obama saying that he wanted to try Kobe Beef (a type of Wagyu brand) when he came to Japan is now a famous episode. Wagyu brands have a thoroughly controlled bloodline and is raised with extreme care to produce a tender, melt-in-your-mouth, unique flavor and texture. In Tokyo, high level Wagyu can be enjoyed in specialty eateries like sukiyaki and steak restaurants. And regions all over Japan serve brands of beef raised in that region. Enjoy the incredible flavor of Wagyu, another famous type of Japanese food alongside sushi.

Recommended Wagyu dishes

Dishes featuring Wagyu beef are a must-try when coming to Japan. If you like richly flavored foods, sukiyaki is the choice for you. And if you are in the mood for a light and healthy meal, we recommend shabu-shabu. Both of these are pot dishes. If you want to enjoy an even higher level of convenience, steaks are great too. Big cities like Tokyo, Sapporo, and Kyoto have a lot of specialty restaurants dealing in high quality Wagyu. You can also enjoy Wagyu in specialty restaurants in the hotel


The king of Japanese meat cuisine. Cooking styles differ between east and west Japan, but the main style is to flavor thinly sliced beef with soy sauce, sugar, and rice wine and simmer in a pot along with vegetables. Dip in a raw egg sauce when eating to enjoy a mild flavor.


Quickly dip beef strips sliced even thinner than sukiyaki in a simmering broth, then dip them in sauce and eat. This dish brings out the true value of the tender and delicate Wagyu. Here the sauce is a big part of the flavor, with choices like sauce with ground sesame seeds and sauce made from citrus fruit juices.


Though this is not a style of cooking unique to Japan, it is definitely a great way to enjoy the rich, savory flavor and fine, melt-in-your-mouth marbling unique to Wagyu. Try some at a steak restaurant specializing in Wagyu.


Though sushi is generally made with seafood, some sushi restaurants and yakiniku (Korean style barbeque) restaurants do serve nigiri-zushi made with Wagyu. High quality Wagyu has a low temperature for the marbling to melt, so it will melt in your mouth.