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TIC certification program

Tourist Information 観光案内所
All category 1 to 3 tourist information offices display this symbol

To make the environment even more welcoming for visitors from overseas, JNTO and the Japan Tourism Agency started a new TIC (Tourist Information Center) certification program in 2012 and have approved over 700 qualified tourist information centers throughout Japan.
The certification program divides tourist information providers into three categories based on function and includes a three-year renewal program to promote excellence and world class customer service.

Description of categories

Here are the major requirements to qualify for each category.

Services and Facilities Category Partner
3 2 1
Coverage Area As non-tourism facilities, these facilities are ready for assisting foreign tourists with local information without any commercial or financial purposes. Even with no full-time staff with foreign language, these facilities willingly provide assistance in minimal English.
All over Japan    
Neighboring prefectures     
Within the city /prefecture     
Service is available in English and other 2 languages,full time    
English-speaking staff are on duty full-time     
No full-time staff with foreign languages skills on duty, However, service is available in minimal English and other languages may be available     
Days of operation
Open year-round    
Open more than 240 days/year including either Saturdays or Sundays    
Open more than 240 days/year    
Internet PC and Wi-Fi 
Available on site    
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