Bilingual Tickets by Japan Railways Group

SubheadThe Shinkansen
1. Type of train and reservation: “SUPER EXPRESS, RESERVED”

2. Departure station and arrival station: "TOKYO – SENDAI". The station names are also shown in Chinese characters so that you can see how the name is actually written in Japanese.

3. The date and departure / arrival times (24-hour system).

4. The name of the train ("HAYATE") and the car and seat number.

Reserved Seat Limited-Express Ticket

<LOCAL TRAINS (Base fare tickets)>
1. Date of sale and validity period, "VALID 3 DAYS". Please note that local tickets have a limited validity period and must be used or refunded within that period.

2.Prices in yen ("¥5,780"), are shown on all tickets.

The ticket windows of all JR stations offer this service.

Basic Fare Ticket