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Rental Pocket Wi-fi and SIM Card

Pocket Wi-Fi
Air's http://www.air-s.biz/domestic%20Eng.html
Japana Mobile Rental http://www.japanmobilerental.com/
Rentafone Japan http://www.rentafonejapan.com/
Telecom Square http://www.telecomsquare.co.jp/en/agency/jtbgmt14/index.php
Rentalwifi Co., Ltd http://www.rentalwifi.com/

SIM Card
b-mobile http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/english/ (Prepaid)
IIJmio https://t.iijmio.jp/en/ (Prepaid)
mobal https://www.mobalnarita.com/

Pocket Wi-Fi and SIM Card
eConnect http://www.econnectjapan.com/
Global Advanced Communications http://www.globaladvancedcomm.com/
Japan Wireless http://japan-wireless.com/
Softbank Global Rental http://www.softbank-rental.jp/e/

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