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Foreign Currency Exchange

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Foreign currency can usually be exchanged at exchange counters, banks, and some hotels. Exchange counters are labeled "authorized money changer". Exchange rates are the same as those of other countries as they fluctuate every day in accordance with financial market trends. Currency that can be exchanged depends on the exchange counter. Below are the characteristics of exchange corners by type.

Foreign Currency Exchange Corners at Airports

Banks and exchanges shops can be found at airports. An advantage of currency exchange corners at airports is that they are experienced in dealing with visitors from abroad. They can also handle customers in multiple languages.


There are many banks where foreign currency can be exchanged. The more major the bank is, the more different currencies it can usually handle. A strong point about banks is that most of them are accessible as they are located right in front of train stations. A weak point about them is that many of them close at 3 p.m. Below are some of the major banks of Japan and the Japan Post Bank, which can be conveniently used at the post office.

Exchange Corners / Discount Ticket Shops / Automatic Change Machines / Foreign Exchange Delivery Services

There are not many exchange corners outside major cities. Some large hotels offer exchange services. Some discount ticket shops in urban areas also offer exchange services. Discount ticket shops purchase tickets such as concert tickets and train tickets, and sell them at low prices. Automatic change machines can also be found at locations such as popular tourist sites visited by travelers from abroad, discount ticket shops, and department stores.