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Longer stays program

Basic Information

Enjoy your next vacation in Japan!
-The Longer stays program for sightseeing has commenced-

Whereas foreign nationals visiting Japan for sightseeing or recreation have been allowed to stay only up to 90 days in principal, a new program, which makes it possible for them to do so for a maximum of one year for the purpose of sightseeing or recreation, has commenced on June 23, 2015.

Requirements for eligible persons under this program are as follows:

  • Foreign nationals and citizens and their accompanying spouses of countries/regions to which Japan implements visa exemption measures (except countries for which these measures are suspended and countries for which measures to be advised to obtain a visa in advance are being taken). Children are not allowed to accompany.

  • Foreign nationals at the age of 18 years or above.
    (There are no age limits for accompanying spouses)

  • Savings of the person is equivalent to Japanese 30 million yen and over (possible to aggregate the savings of husband and wife)
    However, if applicant's spouse does not apply as an accompanying traveler and wants to stay separately under this program, the applicant and his/her spouse must own savings equivalent to more than 60 million Japanese yen in total.

  • Subscriber to a private medical travel insurance which covers death, injury and illness during his/her stay

  • Others

  • The period of stay is 6 months, however, it can be extended to one year with a permission for extension of period of stay (available only once).
    In case of entering Japan under this program, it is necessary to obtain a visa of "Designated Activities" in advance from Japanese embassies or consulates that exercise jurisdiction over applicant's domicile. (For more details, please refer to this page.)

  • Foreign nationals who stay for a mid-long term in Japan, including those under this program, are required to go through relevant procedures at the offices of municipalities of Japan. (For more details, please refer to this page.(PDF).

  • (*) For more details regarding this program, please contact Immigration Information Centers.).