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Internet Access

In Japan, you will find many Wi-Fi signals which you can enjoy browsing the internet. Please note they often require a password for security reasons. (In an effort to prevent internet-related crimes, service providers are required to identify whom they are providing the services to. Some require long-term contracts which normally are limited to residents of Japan.)
Also, most accommodations are internet-ready, but you might sometimes find a wired internet connector in your room. In such case, please use a wireless travel router.
If your budget allows, hiring a mobile hotspot device at the airport is another good option. You can use it in any areas the mobile covers.

(*)Various types of unlimited mobile phone data networks have been prevalent among long-term residents. As a result, if not at home or at office, people have long preferred to use this location free mobile service.Due to the recent boom in smartphones, things are changing and phone companies are eagerly setting up many Wi-Fi spots for their customers to ease the traffic on their mobile phone data networks.

A few examples of wireless internet that you can use in Japan :


Free Wi-Fi Access at Major Airports

New Chitose Airport (CTS), Sapporo/Hokkaido Area

Narita International Airport (NRT), Tokyo/Kanto Area

Haneda International Airport (HND), Tokyo/Kanto Area

Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), Nagoya/Chubu Area

Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka/Kansai Area

Fukuoka Airport (FUK), Fukuoka/Kyushu Area


Free Wi-Fi Access of Wide Area provided by Communication Companies and Associations

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (App for Android and iOS)

FREESPOT(about 10,000 locations)


Free Wi-Fi Access of Wide Area provided by Cafes, Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Seven Spots (Seven Eleven, Denny's, Ito-Yokado, Seibu Sogo, LOFT,etc.)


Free Wi-Fi Access provided by Local Governments and Related Organizations

Sapporo City/ Hokkaido Area
Sapporo Tourism Official Website
Hakone Area
Hakone Portal Website / Hakone Tourist Association
Yamanashi Prefecture/Kanto Area
Yamanashi Free Wi-Fi Project
Nagoya City/Chubu Area
Nagoya Travel guide NAGOYA-INFO
Osaka City/Kansai Area
Kyoto City/ Kansai Area
KYOTO Kanko Navi
Kobe City/Kansai Area
KOBE Free Wi-Fi
Hiroshima City/Chugoku Area
Hiroshima City Website
Fukuoka City/Kyushu Area
Fukuoka City Website
Main Island Okinawa/Okinawa Area
Be.Okinawa (Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau)
Okinawa City/Okinawa Area

Free Wi-Fi provided by Railroad Companies

Free Wi-Fi Access on Local Buses

Free Wi-Fi Access of Shopping Districts

G FREE (Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN)

Tenchika Wi-Fi
Tenjinchikagai (underground shopping mall in Fukuoka City) Google translation available

Paid Service

Pocket Wi-Fi and SIM Card Rental

Rental service is available upon arrival at Narita Airport or Kansai Airport. There are several companies also sent it to your first hotel. For further information please contact any of the following companies.
Other companies
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