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Drinking water

Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan. Mineral water including major imported brands can be easily obtained from super markets, convenience stores and other similar places.


Medical systems and facilities in Japan are well established so that you can expect to receive a high standard medical treatment, should you have a problem with your health during your stay.

Furthermore, hospitals with English-speaking staff members can be found in most cities. Necessary drugs can be purchased at drugstores as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. However, the content of active ingredients in these drugs may differ from that in your country. Because visitors to Japan cannot use Japan’s health insurance system, it is recommended that you first buy travel insurance before entering the country.

If You Become Ill

During Outbreaks of Epidemics / Infectious Diseases

The epidemics and infectious diseases that must be looked out for include influenza, food poisoning, and inflammation of various organs. Diseases that are dependent on nutrition intake and sanitary conditions such as tuberculosis and typhoid are extremely rare. If by any chance you notice any symptoms of an epidemic or infectious disease, please seek medical attention at a hospital immediately.

If You Become Ill


There are no inoculations required for entering Japan from anywhere around the world.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is now becoming a major industry in Japan. The advantages of receiving medical care in Japan include the abundance of medical resources and equipment, and receiving medical checkups and treatment given with the use of advanced medical instruments and technology. The many benefits of having checkups in Japan are due to Japan having some of the largest numbers of equipment such as MRI and CT scanners in the world, Japanese endoscope manufacturers having a global market share of 90%, and the number of doctors here who have a good command of these instruments.