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Japan is known for its clean, safe urban areas and for the quality of its healthcare and public safety infrastructure. Still, as is the case with travel in any unfamiliar place, it always pays to exercise common sense, and to be familiar with the resources at your disposal should you experience problems or need assistance. The links below will take you to information that may be useful should something unexpected happen while you are in Japan.


Again, common-sense precautions are your best assurance of a safe, healthy trip: Do not carry more cash than you need?use credit cards or traveler’s checks. Place your valuables with your hotel’s front desk or in-room safe. Register your travel itinerary with your country’s embassy when you arrive. If you’re on medication, be sure to bring enough for the duration of your travel, along with a copy of any doctor’s prescriptions. Be sure to have proof of travel and/or health insurance. Keep copies of your passport, tickets, and other travel documents in a separate place from the originals. These and other steps will give you the peace of mind you need to truly relax and enjoy your visit to this fascinating country.