Get prepared, so you can leave your worries behind and enjoy Japan

In order to enjoy your trip with peace of mind,
you need to purchase private medical insurance*
that provides sufficient coverage.

*Including travel insurance that covers medical expenses during your stay

Medical expenses can be very high for foreign visitors to Japan who get injured or become ill during their stay.

Fall while skiing

Right tibia fracture, surgery and 19-day hospital stay, attending nurse, flight home on civilian aircraft (stretcher)

Medical expenses:
2-3 million yen
Transport to Australia:
4 million yen

Heart attack and hospitalization

Surgery, 45-day hospital stay, attending physician, flight home on civilian aircraft (business class)

Medical expenses:
6 million yen
Transport to Singapore:
4 million yen

*Source: Tokio Marine International Assistance

Medical expenses for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
are also covered by your private medical insurance.
Some insurance policies do not cover infectious diseases, so be sure to check the details of the coverage carefully.

Please be aware that foreign visitors who fail to pay their medical expenses may be denied entry into Japan in the future.

International travel insurance for visitors to Japan

Private medical insurance that you can purchase after entering Japan provides sufficient coverage during your stay, even for COVID-19.

Helpful services for those who want assistance in Japanese

  • Searches for hospitals in Japan and proxy appointment booking
  • Interpretation over the phone during your hospital visit
  • Negotiation of cashless payment* for medical expenses, etc.

*A system that allows short-term visitors, etc. to seek medical care without having to pay the bill on-site by sending the bill to an insurance company (including assistant companies to which services are outsourced) instead of billing the short-stay visitor, etc. directly.

Private medical insurance can be purchased instantly online. Enjoy your trip to Japan to the fullest by purchasing insurance with sufficient coverage and services.

*Cannot be accessed from outside Japan.


If you are unwell

This website contains information that is useful if the unexpected happens and you find yourself receiving medical treatment in Japan.
Please bookmark this website for use in an emergency.

Medical Institution Search

Search Japanese hospitals or medical clinics by medical department, language support, region, etc.

Plus, access a wide range of other useful information!
What to expect when visiting a medical institution
Find out about procedures when visiting a Japanese hospital or medical clinic and points to be aware of.
Primary symptoms and medical departments
Find out what medical department to visit based on your symptoms.


As well as sightseeing information, you can find disaster information in an emergency, and search for hospitals or medical clinics near your current location.

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Other useful information websites

An English-language search for drugs (OTC medication) that can be purchased from pharmacies or drugstores. Search under the name of the drug, affected part, or efficacy.